Excalibur Auto Body Repair, Inc. is pleased to work with your company. We currently are willing to work with all insurance companies and insurance agents without exception. Excalibur recognizes that the current industry atmosphere is one of conflict between the adjusters and the shops. We promise to do our best to avoid such conflicts as much as possible. Good accord between our business and yours is necessary for a successful and mutually satisfying business relationship.

Our standards of excellence require us to consider carefully when doing a job whether the evaluation of the cost was accurate and whether it will allow us to do the best job possible for our customers. If in our judgement the replacement part is below our company standards for quality and service we may choose to not install it in the customer’s car. Yet we are certain that, with a reliable and honest auto body shop environment, our partnership with your company will be a strong benefit to each of us in the regional economy.

Our Mission Statement:
• To work smoothly with all customers, including insurance agents, avoiding conflict and serious disagreement.
• To maintain honesty and integrity in our business, cutting no corners and never inflating costs for any reason.
• To build every business relationship upon trust and confidence in the other company’s skill and expertise in their field. To welcome explanation of decisions in the repair process, and to offer honest explanations of our own position and practices in turn.
• To establish long-lasting business relationships with local and regional clientelle through excellent communication practices.
To be the most trustworthy, friendly, and reliable auto body shop in the region.